What’s On Your Horizon?

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Flying at sunset this week, I watched the magnificent colors of nature reveal across the horizon. Minute by minute the hues of red, pink, orange, and yellow unfolded in changing the picture I was captivated by. Nature was doing an end of day dance that I was getting to see from 25,000 feet above.
As the horizon continued to change, the pink colors of the belt of venus begin to emerge as the shadows from the earth bounced the final light of the day. Then it occurred to me, this dance happens everyday at sunrise and sunset to signal the beginning and end of each day and I often miss it.

As I observed that moment of beauty, I considered how we learn about a horizon line in elementary school art class and how important a horizon line is to a pilot flying the plane. In both scenarios, it provides a focal point to look towards and reference, to keep us on track. There is even scripture reference to vision, Proverbs 29:18 “Where there is no vision, the people perish”.

Do you have a personal vision for your life? Can you see what’s on your horizon ahead? Have you considered the path you need to take to get you there. Are you piloting your life in a way that is meaningful? Are you stopping to enjoy what nature serves up day to recharge?

Having a vision of where you are going is crucial but knowing how that maps to the horizon ahead will help keep you on course. Having a written plan of goals, action steps and vision can change the course of your life and set you on a course to fulfill and live out your dreams. Take action today by grabbing a pen and paper and draw out what’s ahead on your horizon.

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