Entrepreneur Kick Start 101 Session

Entrepreneur Kick Start 101 Session


This kick start strategy program includes an introductory session and a road map session follow-up focused on your most pressing issues. The session format is done via phone, Zoom or Skype video conferencing. Each session lasts about an hour with recommended follow-up actions for the client to get the most of the experience.

The amount of time investment will depend greatly on what level of goals you are trying to reach and will vary by individual, the kick start program is designed to get you going.

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Are you a dreamer exploring your options for business? Do you need help getting started? Are you overwhelmed by the technology and need a better understanding how to make selections that are right sized for your business? A kick start strategy session is the answer! We take your pressing questions, ideas and problems and bring structure, roadmaps, and next steps so you can focus on your building your dream.

You will discover immediate benefits from the experiences I have collected over the past twenty-five years and save yourself time, money and effort trying to understand it all yourself. I break it down in simple steps so you can experience forward progress with results!


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