About Coach Michelle

Commit to Live Your Best Life

If life were easy, everyone would be rich, happy, healthy, and fulfilled, right? Not so fast…

Unfortunately, living our best life takes a lot of effort and requires us to overcome countless mental and emotional challenges along the way.

You’re not alone with your feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, stress, or a lack of clarity on what steps to take to create a life that matches your true vision. Let’s discover your true purpose and create alignment with who you are meant to be in the world.

Growing up, I was trapped in an environment that left me unsure about my future.  At an early age, I committed myself to live my best life – and that year, I moved out of my family’s home.

I later put myself through college, built a successful photography business, and developed my career as a corporate leader. One of my proudest achievements is living a debt-free life since June 2013, giving me true financial freedom. I have achieved great things in my life, and I know it is possible for you to achieve those for you too!

However, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of many incredible coaches and mentors who helped me clarify my life purpose, challenged me to think bigger, and showed me how to work smarter.  If you are going to achieve big things in life, don’t go it alone!

Now, I dedicate my life to sharing unique, creative insights and strategies with others so they can live their best life too!

About Michelle

Michelle is a Certified High Performance Coach™ with a multi-disciplinary background working as a serial entrepreneur and corporate leader. Her career spans Professional Photography, Art, Information Technology, and Leadership; she enjoys developing ideas, processes, and technology to help others leverage their creative strengths.

Michelle utilizes various creative solutions to help you clarify your vision, provide you with a strategy to reach your goals and drive commitment to stick to the strategy.

Michelle leverages an expansive toolkit that includes science-based coaching methodologies, including Certified High Performance Coaching™.   Michelle infuses creativity, learning, fun, and challenge to expand what’s possible for her clients.

With a BA degree in Administrative Leadership from the University of Oklahoma with a focus on interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary inquiry. Michelle has been able to formulate a mix of art and science to create significant outcomes for herself and others.

Michelle loves interacting with nature, especially tropical climates. Her favorite hobbies are music, going to live concerts, the beach, lake, camping, and photography.

If you’re interested in coaching but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, you are invited to a conversation to discuss your dreams and goals to explore what is possible for you.

Let’s shatter those mental barriers preventing you from living your best life!

Live Your Best Life Through Your Creative Strengths

As a creative artist, I often hear, "Oh, you’re so creative I could never do that." My response to that is, everyone one of us is equipped with inherent creative talents. Some are just more transparent than others. Discover your creative strengths to live a visionary life.

About Michelle